We empower People- to creating more resilient communities

We serve smallholder farmers. In everything we do, we place the Farmer First. We measure success in our ability to make more farmers more prosperous. We envision a future in which every farm family has the knowledge and means to achieve big harvests, support healthy families, and cultivate rich soil.

Why we exist

Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world with estimated young population of 78% under 30 years of age. Some 84% of the population live in rural areas and rely on subsistence agriculture. More than half live in poverty without reliable access to food, despite Uganda’s good soil and favourable weather, there are many barriers preventing poor farmers from increasing their productivity and yields.

In addition, 62% of Uganda’s population have no access whatsoever to financial services and skills development and these are the rural poor. Young brilliant girls and boys continue to drop out of school due to poverty related challenges and adolescents have no access to improved health and reproductive services. These and other impediments have constrained the power of communities to grow, end poverty and hunger.

Empower worldwide, exist to end poverty and hunger through a holistic approach to community and individual empowerment. We empower communities through agriculture and food security program; empower micro finance fund, education empowerment, health and sanitation, livelihood development for adolescent, peace and conflict resolution, disaster and crisis management and the ultra- poor graduation program. We work to create empowered and resilient youth, women and girls.

Our Vision

A world where every person has the ability, skill and opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential and dreams

Our Mission

We empower and support children, youth, women and men to end poverty and hunger, and create resilient communities. Our holistic approach enables us to create resilient communities as it offers a comprehensive strategy to poverty elimination by looking at Social, Healthy/physical, economic and cognitive, and spiritual forms of poverty. We empower communities to use their potential and opportunities.