Empower World Wide was set up in 2016 as a non-profit Organisation in Uganda-East Africa and registered as a non-government organization in the same year with an aim of empowering people and creating resilient communities through its strategic holistic approach to poverty alleviation, fighting hunger and improving access to health services. Therefore, Empower worldwide is a legally registered entity and is in compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements of Uganda.

Our unique holistic approach to poverty alleviation includes a range of core programs in economic, physical, spiritual and social development. We help people realize their potential, Empower them with the skills, financing and knowledge they need and create opportunities through our multi-stakeholder collaboration.

Empower World Wide employs holistic approach to solving community problems and ending gender based violence. Our beneficiaries are our first clients.

Empower World Wide is a socially responsible not for profit organization, engaging people in health empowerment, economic activities and creating sustainable strategies that improves health, social and cognitive development. Our focus is on mothers, children, young people from the most disadvantaged communities.

To enable program sustainability, EWOWI focuses owomen and girls.  Our  programs focuses on ending gender based violence, improving health through access to child development, child health, maternal and new born services plus other focus programs like Education for disadvantaged, skills development, food security, climate change and poverty alleviation.

Our Vision

A world free of violence against women and girls, where every one has the ability, skills, and opportunities to achieve their fullest potential and dreams.

Our Mission

Empower World Wide exist to empower women, girls, children and youth in the local communities, come out of spiritual, economic, social, and healthy poverty caused by gender-based violence, and enable them to develop into responsible and self-supporting adults to transform their communities through a holistic empowerment approach.

We empower and support children, women, youth, and men to improve access to end gender based violence, violence against women and girls, mother-child health, end poverty and hunger, and create resilient communities. Our holistic approach enables us to create resilient communities as it offers a comprehensive strategy to poverty elimination by looking at Social, Healthy/physical, economic and cognitive, and spiritual forms of poverty. We focus on providing last mile services to the underserved communities.

Our Values

Integrity: Our words match our values….the things we say are the things we do.
Innovation: We continually create solutions, initiate new things and put innovation at the forefront.
Inclusiveness:  We value all people in the society and ensure our programs are not discriminatory
Excellence: We continually strive to be smart, efficient and effective while empowering our beneficiaries and communities
Hard work: We work very hard every day. We execute our work proactively with high degree of professionalism
Community based: We find our beneficiaries in their communities, we leave with them, we handle them with dignity, observing their culture, get muddy with them, we are very humble and we serve them with humility.
Continual growth: We continuously improve every time. We raise the bar high and strive to achieve the set goals. We always stretch ourselves while maintaining great professional family of leaders that enable us drive the results home. We envision serving millions of underserved mothers and children, extending to children and youth in poor households.