Empower World Wide advisory board helps to strengthen governance, support advocacy and enhance credibility.

The Advisory Board provide the leadership with advice and support on standards and policies, innovations, and the development and implementation of programmes. They advise on key external developments and trends nationally, and promote Empower World Wide’s mission through effective and strategic working relationships with key stakeholders and civil society partners globally. They also support information sharing and relevant advocacy on behalf of Empower World Wide.


Empower World Wide commits to high degree of integrity and has put in place robust internal controls that ensures good governance and financial management for all organization funds. To ensure transparence, we make sure our yearly reports are published to the public and to all our stakeholders, donors and funders to track our progress. We employ innovative approaches to financial reporting and management.

Governing Board

The governing board currently consists of 5 individuals.

  1. Matumbwe Banabasi – Chairperson
  2. Bonny Ssekiwanda – Executive Director/CO-Founder
  3. Nakalunda Justine- Treasurer
  4. Nakiwanda Joice – Member
  5. Josua Ssematiko- Member

Key Team Members

This is the team that over see the day to day operations and growth of the organisation. This team is led by the Executive Director with the support of departmental heads. Some key members include;

  1. Bonny Ssekiwanda (Executive Director)
  2. Namaganda Sylivia ( Health Specialist)
  3. Nabukalu Patricia ( Finance)
  4. Najjemba Peace ( Project Officer)