In 2017, Bonny Ssekiwanda was doing his MBA at Edinburgh Business School- Heriot Watt University and there was a lot of hunger and poverty in his rural community where he was working then. He thought about how he could help mothers and children get out of hunger, poverty and health need. He with other friends started an initiative to provide his community and started a community program to increase food security through providing seeds of maize and beans. This revolving program continued to support a number of women from highly poor households. Owing to various other challenges the community was facing like HIV/AIDS prevalence, inaccessibility of finance and credit, inaccessibility of health services, education and disaster management, Bonny thought about a complete bundle of services that could help in empowering the community and therefore founded Empower World Wide.

From this impact, Empower World Wide scaled up the program and forming over 8 women self help groups, Starting up a medical clinic to provide access to maternal and child healthy and survival services. At Empower World Wide it’s a culture to pilot, perfect and scale up the program and by end of 2030, we target to reach out to 1,000,000 mothers, children and youth with tailored solutions to health, social and economic aspects.

At Empower World Wide we empower people to actualize their potentials. We believe that poor people have the potential to develop their communities. That’s why we call our beneficiaries our stakeholders. They are the stakeholders in our development. We support them from their households, hospitals, to parenting, to growth with an aim of improving access to health services, eliminating all forms of poverty and injustices, and ending hunger among children and adults.