We put our customers and beneficiaries first in everything we do to remain aligned to our mission and keep growing. Below are the principles that drive our expansion and growth.

Impact focused

We measure our impact by assessing how our programs have changed the lives of our customers. When our clients improve year after year, more beneficiaries will join us and thereby achieving growth and impacting more communities. We have good impact measurement organs that ensure consistent program quality delivery.

Customer focused

We leave with our customers in rural communities; we create continuous bondage with our beneficiaries and involve them in leadership of local programs. Our modal empowers them to own the initiatives and build improving relationship at personal levels.

Dedicated leadership and Teams

Our dedicated teams are motivated to work hard and smart. They love the work and understand our modal well. We work with self-directed teams. This helps us to drive higher performance, quality and speed. Our self-directed teams are committed to our customer’s growth and work directly with communities.

Honesty Culture


Integrity and honesty is our culture that we embrace as a whole at Empower World Wide. Our commitment to uphold integrity is appreciated by every employee. This has increased the trust we have earned with our customers, beneficiaries, communities, partners and stakeholders.  


We consistently create new solutions. We focus on innovation to give our customers better services and products when they are more important to them. We work with communities to initiate new projects, with positive mindset using tested theory of change modals.