At Empower World Wide we provide input financing combine it with capacity building, bring the inputs to a walkable distance for every farmer and link our farmers to market. We call this the complete bundle of services for our farmers. In all our programs, we want to put farmers at the forefront to enable them benefit from the holistic program that we offer. Our field officers reach out to farmers in their gardens, in their homes, in their groups and we get muddy as we improve farming in our areas of operation. We organize our farmers into small groups at village level this is where we think change starts from. We provide them with inputs on credit and farmers have the option to pay back anytime throughout the season. Our farmers also have the option to pay back in terms harvests.
Our program enables farmers to store their harvests and sell during good seasons when they can earn more profits. We provide quality and improved planting materials and fertilizers and strengthen the capacity of our farmers to use modern improved farming techniques. We are continuously improving our delivery through innovations as we aim to serve as many farmers as possible. We also cooperate with government agencies and other partners in food production. Our aim is to help farmers multiply their food production and harvests and also earn more profit on the unit sold. This we believe will greatly improve their livelihoods and transform communities. Our approach and modal enables sustainable impact to the farmers.
After one year of intervention, Farmers productivity increased by 80% and 75% for maize and beans respectively. Their yield and income increased by 300% each. 100% of our clients reported that food security increased in general.
Highlights (January to September 2017):
• Reached a total of 500 farmers
• Distributed 10,000 kg of beans and 8000kg of maize flour
• Trained 500 farmers in best farming techniques
• Formed 45 farmer groups
• Provided 200 adolescents with farming techniques
• 50 small solar systems distributed to farmers on credit
We want to support as many farmers as possible. We aim to bring new farming techniques to farmers and also introduce other asset based items to transform the lives of our farmers. We enroll new farmers every season and we aim to grow every day. In future we will open up new chapters in new countries of east Africa. To keep up with the needs of our farmers, we conduct continuous evaluations and strive to create new products and services tailored to solve identified needs. Our farmers come first in everything we do.

YOUR DOLLAR Empowers the capacity of farmers to multiply food production and contribute to food security throughout the world. The food produced is consumed by many refugees, people in conflict and also reduce poverty in our communities. The dollars reduces dependence syndrome and help the family to feed their household and also support girls and boys to get education.