We aim to provide affordable high quality financial services that are accessible by every youth, woman and men living in disadvantaged communities. Our micro finance modal offer a large range of financial solutions to individuals excluded from the formal financial sector and is a holistic approach that facilitates household development. The availability of accessible microfinance enables households, families and groups to enhance income, consumption, acquire assets, pay school fees and manage shocks. We always innovate and create new products tailored to meet our client’s changing financial needs. Our strategies ensure that our financial services are provided following a thoroughly vetted evaluation and assessment criteria of the client’s financial ability to and delivered responsibly with continued support. At Empower Worldwide, we do not stop at providing credit to our customers; we grow with them through continuous business support, advisory and monitoring.


  • 300borrowers reached including small entrepreneurs, low income earners, farmers, low-income salaried workers and adolescents and youth.
  • USD 400 Disbursed
  • 80%of the clients we served were women
  • 70% of the clients served were farmers


We progressively grow and continue to create new innovative products and delivery methodologies. We strive to provide up to date products and solutions to the needs of our customers and we want to reach as many people as possible. We are equally committed to growth and our commitment to our mission defines our strategic direction. We are responsible and responsive to the needs of our customers and our goal will achieved when we every person have access to better financial products and services.

YOUR SUPPORT helps us to expand and grow to reach more vulnerable people in rural communities of Africa and enable them to access financial services that contribute to their economic empowerment and also create resilient communities that can support themselves.

Education Empowerment

Enabling access to quality education for all children

We work in: Central region and south western parts of Uganda. We aim to grow and establish new country chapters.

More than 50% of children get out school in Africa due to extreme poverty, displacement, conflicts and discrimination. A high percentage of girls out of the school children are girls. Our holistic approach to education supports communities to enable disadvantaged children to get quality education through sponsorship, infrastructural development and education advocacy. Our approach enables us to tackle two sustainable development goals.