Water, hygiene and sanitation  (WASH) is one of the core programs embodied in our holistic  development model.

Our programming in WASH involves both software and hardware projects. We work with communities to improve access to clean water through;

  • Sensitization and trainings
  • Home visitation to poor homes
  • Provision of small water harvest systems like plastic tanks, cemented tanks and others.
  • Community mobilization
  • Promotion of school water programs
  • Among others.
  • Using technology to design water based solutions for rural and semi urban
  • Policy engagement

You could be part of our journey in ensuring children, mothers and rural community have access to clean water.

We want to expand our services and continue implementing our modal based on community context. Our areas of operation currently face a lot of health challenges including WASH. We also look forward to include WASH program. We aim to use our innovative culture to provide solutions to ending community health challenges. Our aim Is to expand and serve other sub Saharan African countries.

YOUR DOLLAR provides water and sanitation to the last mile communities helping the poorest communities live a dignified life