Our holistic approach looks at all stages of education. These include Early child hood education (ECD), Pre-Primary education, accelerating learning process, primary education study clubs, skills development, socio development, physical education, spiritual education, teachers empowerement, leardership development, higher education and community mobilisation for girls education including community awareness to create conducive environement for child learning. We also establish play areas in communities to enable young children learn through palying.
Our programs aims at empowering communities by raising awareness, child rights, gender equality, encouraging participation and community ownership. The uniqueness of our approach enables students to improve their creativity, imagination, understanding self, and learn self-employable skills. We also support the mainstream school system to improve quality by assisting government primary and secondary schools. We provide scholarships at the secondary level, needs-based training and student mentoring to improve mainstream education approaches.
We provide sponsored children and youth with scholastic materials and necessities to enable them stay in school. We also empower their families and caretakers through our agriculture and microfinance programs to enable them support the rest of the children in their families but also are able to support sponsored beneficiaries after graduation. Our holistic approach gives children a hope for a home, healthy and future.
We aim to start our own schools that will be able to provide holistic education to disadvantaged students in the communities of Africa.

• 100 students supported in secondary schools (many of our sponsored students are leaders in the school they go to.
• 80% of sponsored beneficiaries are girls
• Student performances have significantly improved and depicts a changed paradigm
There many needy children out there in the villages, Islands and mountains of Africa, in the camps, in the slums and on the streets that cannot access quality education. We aim to support as many of these disadvantaged children as possible. Our target is to support 50,000 children by end of 2020 in Uganda. We also aim to move forward to new country chapters outside Uganda like south Sudan, Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Malawi and others.
We also want to support community government aided schools as a permanent solution by building infrastructures, educating teachers and mobilizing community participation.

YOUR DOLLAR offers a positive alternative to the many girls who get married off at an early age, to the young boys who drop out to fend for families and give them hope through education. Your dollar goes to the needy of the neediest.

Empowerment and Livelihood for adolescents (Create sustainable livelihood opportunities for adolescents)
We work in: Uganda

Uganda is ranked number 12 in early marriages in the world. Nearly 1 in 2 girls is married before the age of 18 years in Uganda according to UNICEF. 10% are married by age 15 and 40% are married by age 18. This is attributed to socio and traditional norms, poverty, limited access to education, inadequate life skills, unemployment and lack of relevant livelihood skills. We aim to work in countries with the highest child marriage and teenage pregnancy rates. Adolescent girls are vulnerable, and the cost of not protecting them is high. Child marriage often prevents girls from continuing their education and realizing their full potential. We want to empower adolescents by unlocking their potential through education empowerment, life-skills, and livelihood opportunities. This is important to enable them to fight negative social norms and pressures and help them to grow holistically while building healthier future and reduce dependencies.
We also look at adolescent boys as agents of change. We want to create a generation that is supportive of gender equality, free from poverty and also empower them to support girl child. Our approach gives both adolescents equal opportunity to learn skills, life skills and education. We believe that when we empower boys and girls all together, we will have a better generation that appreciate and share opportunities equally.