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We empower rural poor women and girls through improved access to health care, ending violence against girls and women, empowering them economically to end poverty and hunger, to creating more resilient communities

We empower mothers, children and young people. In everything we do, we place disadvantaged people first. We measure success in our ability to make them more prosperous. We envision a future in which every mother, every child, every youth has the knowledge and means to achieve economic independence, support healthy families, and live a dignified life.


Empower World Wide was established in 2016 as a community based glassroot, women led organisation and fully registered as a community based not for progit organisation in Uganda. We are community based, we work with the rural poor and we believe in continuous improvement. We focus on women and girls. mothers and child health, education for the poor, food security and poverty reduction programs.


In 2016, women in the rural community of Rakai came together to establish a community based effort to eradicate poverty and violence against girls and women, gender based violence and empower them to educate children, improve health and access to finance. In 2016, there was a lot of hunger and poverty in his rural community. Starting with a few individuals, the organisation formed to support pregnant mothers, young mothers, children and youth in need.


Rural poverty is complex, and there is no single solution to the problems people and communities are facing. We therefore employ a holistic development approach to ending health, physical, economic and social poverty among mothers, children, youth and communities


When Empower World Wide was founded in 2016, we began with a pilot group of 100 rural mothers in Rakai District, Kyalulangira-Uganda. We are growing slowly but steadfast. With now a health facility in Kyotera District, we are able to provide health care to mothers and children and victims of gender based violence among others.


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Projects Completed

+ 5000

Youth Involved

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+ 1000

Mothers Reached


Vision: A world free of violence against women and girls, where every one has the ability, skills, and opportunities to achieve their fullest potential and dreams.


Empower worldwide, exist to empower Women and girls to end violence against them through improved health, well being of people, end poverty and hunger through a holistic approach to community and individual empowerment. We empower women and girls through education, health interventions, agriculture and food security program; economic strengthening, education empowerment, Water and sanitation, livelihood development for adolescent, peace and conflict resolution, disaster and crisis management and the ultra- poor graduation program. We work to create empowered and resilient mothers, youth, women and girls.


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